Spanish classes with a musical twist

Whether online or face-to-face, our programme is based on a very simple premise: making the classes as fun and engaging as possible. And that's always the case thanks to the live music we play at our sessions!

Our teachers and musicians are a bunch of lovely, experienced, highly-motivated professionals that turn their Spanish lessons into a world of sensorial experiences. Kids can watch, touch, listen, feel and express themselves by the means of music, props and other elements. Everybody is encouraged to participate in whatever way they like.

Face to face

A native teacher and a musician deliver our interactive classes at your nursery or pre-school.

Our teams visit your nursery on a weekly basis to deliver half-hour sessions for babies, toddlers and  pre-school children. We bring instruments and materials for everybody to let children explore their sound and feel the joy of music-making.


Music helps the acquisition of vocabulary and we use it throughout the class inviting children to take part in the activities.  

We cannot deliver this service at the moment due to the COVID-19 measures in place but register for a Free Trial and we will be in touch as soon as we are allowed to go to your nursery or pre-school in person.

Online classes

Bringing our programme to your nursery or pre-school

through your screen!

Our pre-recorded sessions follow the same principles of our face-to-face classes: they are engaging and interactive. A teacher and a musician playing live music deliver the activities encouraging children to sing along, play instruments, dance, and repeat words, giving different options for the different age groups. 

Our classes are stored on an online platform and can be played as many times as you need. There are also downloadable materials and tips for the nursery staff to help children get the most out of the classes. 


We always offer a FREE trial session so you can see how it works.

We know you'll love the programme - but we want you to check it out for yourself! That's why there is always a free trial session before commiting to anything - both for online and face-to-face classes.

Fill in the form here and we'll get back to you!

Try Bilingual Beats in your nursery for free!

Lucy Caminada,
Headmistress at Miss Daisy

(Chelsea branch)

I can't recommend Bilingual Beats enough. They offer a Spanish music lesson. Two teachers come each week, one playing the guitar and the other singing. I honestly think it's the best specialist lesson I've seen in my years at Miss Daisy's

(In-Person Programme)

Jennifer Gagg,

Nursery field manager at

Tabard Sq Nursery and Pre-School

We are very happy with the classes you provide for Tabard Nursery, the children are engaged and excited by the French and Spanish classes.

Our parents are particularly happy when the children come home singing in French or Spanish and we often invite the parents into the nursery to join a class. We always get very positive feedback.


We are happy with the service that you provide and wish to continue with the company and hope that you will become the preferred supplier for the company.

(In-Person Programme)

Stuart Bamford,

Head Teacher of

Chelsea Pre-Prep and Nursery

We cannot be more pleased with 'Bilingual Beats'. They are fun, interactive and the children cannot wait for their next class with them.... Is the only day all our children are on time! The parents often comment how the children continue to sing their songs at home

(In-Person Programme)

Alexandra Boyd,
Owner and manager of Unity Montessori

Bilingual Beats is one of our favourite extra curricular activities at Unity. This week we tried their online programme with great success. It is such a lovely, interactive, well-presented session - almost like having the teachers in person in our classroom. The children enjoyed it very much and were fully engaged. Everyday since, they have asked 'Is Perico coming today?'

(Online Programme)

The founders Claudia & Almudena1.JPG



Bilingual Beats is a growing family.

Working in 100 nurseries and venues across London, and now also teaching online, our family grows every day. We are passionate, well-prepared, respectful professionals who love what they do and take the education and safety of kids seriously.  If you want to join our family, drop us an email.

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